Pong Deck In Spencer’s Now! Buy a Deck and Get A Free Tee!

I’m extremely proud to say that my side company Pong Deck has been accepted into Spencer’s trial period! Since Pong Deck is relatively small and we are not allowed to put up any promotional material it’s a bit tough to grab a customers attention, that being said we need all of your help to make sure it passes the test by checking out your local Spencer’s to see if they have them!

If anyone finds and buys a Pong Deck we will send you a FREE I Will Pong You T-Shirt! All you need to do is email [email protected] with a picture of your receipt and we will send you out a deck!

If you are asking yourself what the hell is a Pong Deck then read on. Pong Deck is set of beer proof playing cards that supplement your standard game of beer pong and actually make it a whole hell of a lot more fun! The deck is shuffled up and one card is placed under each cup, when a shot is made you play out the action on the card. That can consist of chugging a drink, shooting with your opposite hand, getting an extra re-rack and much more!

Also if you need a good laugh check out our infomercial below!

  • Great stuff adam 🙂 -Louie at ZooBoxs