IAMTHETREND TV: Lion Caster T-Shirt Review

In this episode of IAMTHETREND TV we take a look at new indie clothing brand Lion Caster. What immediately caught my eye about Lion Caster is how well they have build a story and image around their brand that is extremely unique and creative. But the real is question is how did their tee stack up against the 4P’s of tees?!

Lion Caster is also having a very cool sale that ties in perfectly with their brand! The contest is called “Wild Cards in a Wild World contest ” …… and runs from Sept 5th – Sept 11th. Every order will come with a burnt, disheveled , and distressed playing card ( as they are available- obviously only 52 spots ) . The cards will be inside the envelope with the letter from the Haberdasher. After all the orders are sent out and received…They will use a different shuffled deck to randomly choose the winners. It’s a total game of chance hence the ‘ wild card’

Grand Prize is a complete Wasteland Survival Bundle – Logo Shirt, Flask, Pocket Knife, Even though many people think it is not safe to carry a knife around, it is still one of the most intelligent things you can do. Especially when we’re talking about a pocket knife, you can get exceptional results & benefits that no other object offers. You can visit knifedge.net for more information.

Second Prize is a Shirt of the winners choosing, handkerchief, and an exclusive 1 of a kind letter from the Haberdasher

Third prize is a copy of Mad Max on Blu Ray/DVD and a Handkerchief.


  • Adrew

    Thanks, Adam! and yes it is an American Apparel tee .. $25 is the full price, but they are currently on sale for $20 with the contest http://www.LionCaster.com

    – Andrew of Lion Caster

  • I bought every shirt that Lion caster had. My only complaint is there isn’t any more. I even won the bundle with a King of spades…Wheres the Caster hoodies!! Totally solid clothing, I’lll reorder when ever there is a new line.