Dream On, Dreamer “Heartbound” Review

The chances are pretty high that you have heard Dream On, Dreamer’s latest album, Heartbound, already. It probably was not the same band who released it, but it was the same sound and formula. Alternating between clean and screamed vocals, with a bunch of breakdowns and electronics thrown in, is a pretty common in today’s metalcore/post-hardcore scene, and unfortunately, Dream On, Dreamer is just another one of those bands.

Heartbound is another 10 track album released by Rise Records that is not even ten real songs. The album begins with an unnecessary intro leading into “Yourself As Someone Else“, the one really enjoyable track on the album. It may be due to the fact that it is the first you hear from Dream On, Dreamer that it is the best, but nevertheless, it’s an okay track. Following the opening comes the first single, “Downfall“, which doesn’t really make sense as a single. The song has nothing unique about it, it just comes across as another song on the album.

The next four to five songs just blend together. Without a tracklisting, it would be hard to tell them apart. It isn’t until the guest vocals from Matthew Wright in “To The Lost” that most will become interested in the album again. His vocals greatly outshine those of vocalists Marcel Gadacz and Michael McLeod. The album closer, “Lifestream“, starts with a very Saosin-esque vibe, until escalading into a screamed/clean vocal battle. The song proves to pick up some of the slack from the rest of the lackluster album, and shows a possible new direction the band could take.

Usually, a new Rise Records band has something redeeming about them. It is often an impressive and unique vocalist, but Dream On, Dreamer fails to deliver something of this nature. The music is nothing new, the electronics sound recycled, and the vocals, while very good, don’t have that uniqueness to make them stand out in this over played genre.

Heartbound is due out August 9th on Rise Records.


1. I
2. Yourself As Someone Else
3. Downfall
4. A Path Of Its Own
5. For What You Believe In
6. Taking Chances, Breaking Free
7. Blinded
8. To The Lost
9. Come Home True Love
10. Lifestream

For Fans Of: Memphis May Fire’s The Hollow, Woe Is Me, Jamies Elsewhere

Rating: 4.5/10

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