Bayonet EP Review

When it was first announced that Buddy Neilsen of Senses Fail was releasing an EP with his hardcore side-project, Bayonet, I was very interested. I’ve always been a huge fan of Senses Fail’s more aggressive side, so it would be great to hear what Buddy and company had to offer in a hardcore setting. What they deliver is a 5 song EP that doesn’t let up for even a second.

The opening track, “Nightmare”, displays exactly what this EP is. Blistering hardcore led by Buddy’s incredibly recognizable scream. If the first song does not interest you, it’s best to back out because it’s just more of the same. “Who’s Gonna Want Me Now” clocks in at just under a minute, but the group packs the most aggression into this short but sinister track. “Harsh” begins with gruff clean vocals singing in the background before turning into another moshpit inducing jam. “Black Bird” comes off as the most powerful song, both lyrically and musically. The amount of anger that can be heard through Buddy’s vocals will surely make this the fan favorite at Bayonet’s live shows. The EP finishes off with “New York Minutes”, which ends the release the same way it began. Anger, aggression, passion.

If you’re looking for uplifiting or possitive lyrics, stay away from Bayonet. Buddy continues to write hateful lyrics about his father, and it fits even better with Bayonet’s style. If you are interested in being pissed off, Bayonet can certainly make that happen with their lyrics. You can already picture the crowd going off with Bayonet as Buddy screams “And how do you call yourself my fucking father?” in the standout track, “Black Bird”. All in all, this release is a winner for both Bayonet and Mightier Than Sword records.

Standout Tracks: Black Bird, Who’s Gonna Want Me Now

Rating: 4/5