Turn Your Old Credit Cards Into Guitar Picks!

Why shred your old credit cards when you can do something way more creative and productive with them by turning them into guitar pics! Being a guitar player myself I must admit I have resorted to all sorts of things including credit cards to use as a pick in a drunken jam session. That being said im not sure how practical these credit card pics would be, but regardless it’s a pretty cool idea!

If your inclined you can pick one up HERE

  • If anyones too lazy to buy this and make their own picks, you can buy upcycled gift card/credit card picks right here – http://pickups.storenvy.com/

    I always wondered how this company made their picks, now I know! haha

  • Joeyz

    wow, greatr idea. I must admit I’ve also had to resort to various ghetto picks. (dont ever use a match book)

  • That’s awesome! I wouldn’t mind adding guitar picks in our orders! 😡

  • ZooBoxs.com

    hahah I love it!!!

  • Rigo

    Awesome, time to get creative 😛

  • Well, you caught us! But a lot more go into it then just punching out plastic! We can’t divulge all of the secrets but I will tell you that it involves elves. Lots and lots of elves.

  • I’m not a guitar player, so don’t know how practical that would be, but it sure seems like a cool idea!

  • Yea, I saw your custom packaging too. Those little bags are pretty cute!  I suppose that’s what the elves are for, tiny hands for tiny bags haha

  • would be a good idea for you guys

  • Please
    give me more information. I love it, Thanks again.