How To Start, Run or Expand Your Clothing Line

In the past couple weeks you have most likely heard me harping about how fantastic Jeff Finley’s new ebook “Threads Not Dead” is and how big of a resource it is for any clothing company. Well I decided to put together a short YouTube video giving you a more inside look at what the ebook actually looks like and what the contents hold.

You can still use coupon code IATT20 for 20% off your purchase when picking up the book HERE

If your looking at starting, running or expanding your t-shirt business there really isn’t a better resource out there right now.

  • Leff Andrew

    You look good in that shirt mah dude.  Good video…buying threads not dead now.

  • thanks dude, I think its from some clothing company called Vague Ideals or something, lol

  • Word of Mouth

    Nice Job Adam.

  • I’m definitely going to get this! 😡

  • Its a great read I find my self reading it over and over again but now i skip the chapters. Am more interested in the part that’s for people that run a clothing line or are planning to. NOTE: link “See why Adam from IATT gives an A+ to Declaration Clothing’s initial launch.” does not work. might be just me i don’t know.