Awesome Yet Somewhat Disturbing New Tee From XCVB

XCVB have just come out with some amazing and yet somewhat disturbing new tees for your wearing pleasure. Both “Foriegn Body” in red and in black look absolutely awesome, yes the artwork is a bit on the darker side with some a bit of gruesome imagery and a bit macabre words.

The tee reads:
So as a bloom against her throat his jealousy blossomed. Betrayal cursing through his veins like a pack of red dogs, the hairs bristled along his spine. His faults becoming perfection, his lies in harmony would soon ring true. This false and fevered glare. In vain defense she tried making eyes at him but he had made his own for her as blind as love itself. xcvb
Origianl words by Faux-Pa 2010

As stated the tee is available in both black and red inks, each of which look fantastic. All tees are printed on American Apparel and are available for £25 or a very steep $41 US.

You can check out this tee along side of the complete new line at: