Getting to know Jason Carne AKA Mainframe Media

Lets get right into it shall we? Name/Age/ Location.

Jason Carne. 22. Point Pleasant, NJ.

Since you live down the shore, please tell us your not fist pumping at the boardwalk on the weekends.

Nope, never! Nobody living at the Jersey Shore gets anything more than a laugh or two from the show, it’s really more like the Staten Island invasion than anything else. I actually went to the beach more when I didn’t live here than I do now oddly enough; I guess the allure of the ocean seems to wear off when you live right next to it. However, I will still go to Wildwood Crest no questions asked to get some of the world’s best ice cream at the Sea Shell Motel (south NJ people, you should know what I‘m talking about!).

When did you start designing?

Professionally I started somewhere in 2007-2008. I was constantly being told that I’m an “artist” from the age of five and as I got older my work started to improve and get noticed by more people around me and won some local awards. I figured I could get some money for my hobby, so I gave it a shot, and luckily for me it worked. In the beginning I worked with a partner and we called ourselves “Gutted Designs”, working almost exclusively for Death Metal bands and record labels, but I quickly found out that working solo was the way for me and I started up Mainframe Media in 2009. I’ve been working freelance for two years now and it’s been paying the bills, so I can’t complain!

What are you influences/Inspirations?

I guess the answer to this has kind of changed over the past few years, but the constants have always been symmetry, geometry, and music. Lately I’ve been really interested in old advertising and typography, and I’ve been buying up all sorts of old literature to just look through the amazing type work done in the 1800’s and early 1900’s. It seems like so much more care and attention was given to every detail of a product back then as opposed to something just thrown together digitally without any soul in a few minutes in the modern age. I’m trying to work a little more and more TLC into each piece I create now and not rush things, toiling over something that extra hour or two is always worth it.

Do you have a ritual when you start a new piece or do you jump right into it?

No rituals here, going into a new design the same way you started your last one leaves no room for growth or for new ideas to spawn. Sometimes I’ll wake up at 4 A.M. and have an idea that I just need to make happen at that moment and I won’t stop until it’s finished and run on basically zero sleep for the next day. Most people have a schedule they like to keep, but I only like to work when I’m feeling inspired, I don’t want to put some kind of lackluster, lazy effort into anything I do. Meeting deadlines is one thing, but finishing quick just for the sake of it is usually never good.

Tell us more about Mainframe Media.

Although I work under a company name, it’s actually just a one man show here. I officially started this solo endeavor back in early 2009 doing basically just Myspace design work and business cards after a falling out with my partner as I discussed briefly before. Also, despite what my portfolio would have you believe being filled to the brim with t-shirt designs; I actually really love to do other things as well! Some of my favorite projects to tackle are album artwork and concert posters, but unfortunately I rarely seem to get the opportunity. Another thing I really enjoy is photography, I’ve almost always got my camera with me whenever I go somewhere even remotely interesting, and you never know what you may see.

Is there anything new we can expect from you in the future?

Actually yes, something I’m very excited about in fact! I have a clothing line dropping this summer, and it’s something that I’m doing completely by myself from the design side of the game. However, I‘ve got some heavy hitters working on the web side of things as well as for the printing, no skimping with this line! I’m not quite ready to be giving away too many hints (except to those select few who already know some of the details), but let’s just say it’s loosely based around America’s dark side and not so clean history.

Are you available for work, and if so what’s the best way to contact you?

I’m always available; vacation isn’t a word in my vocabulary! E-mail is always the easiest way for me: [email protected]. However, don’t be shy, add me on Facebook, follow me on Twitter, you don’t always have to be formal, and I don’t bite!