The Dear Hunter’s New Nine-EP Collection Is Up For Pre-Order

If you haven’t listened to The Dear Hunter yet, stop what you are doing and check them out. As one of my favorite bands of all time I am more than pumped for the release of their 9-EP Collection titled, The Color Spectrum which is set to be released on June 14th on Triple Crown Records.

Pre-orders of the Limited Edition Vinyl Box Set are available now at for $80.

Each box set contains a 16-page booklet, digital download card of the complete collection, and nine 10″ colored vinyls of each EP, which will match their respective EP in the collection.

Also starting on Thursday, April 15, TDH will be putting up a new song on that you will be able to download called “Deny It All” (featuring Manchester Orchestra).

They are also out on tour right now with DREDG so make sure to that out as well!

  • Pabzlol

    I’ve never actually heard of this band till now, So I gave them a listen and instantly fell in love with this band. Its that sound I have been looking for. Thanks Adam!

  • Love to hear that! Honestly one of my favorite bands of all time!