La Muerta Release New Promo Video

I have only seen a few sneak peaks of designs but from what I have seen from La Muerta, I am beyond excited to see what these guys put out. To further hype the brand La Muerta have put together a very cool, dark and entertaining one minute clip showing some of the artists they will be working with as well as designs.

While La Muerta doesn’t have a hard release date announced yet, we are being promised that it is coming soon, and we can only open that they hold true to their word!

Artists that are working on this new line include Killer Napkins, Gaunty, Drawsgood, Scott Johnson, Motorbot, uberkraaft and many more. With that line up how can you not be excited to see what this label is going to put out!

Also huge props to I AM THE FORTH who spliced together the video! Very nicely done.