Guy Vernes Makes One Hell Of A Sexy Backpack

I have just recently been turned on to Guy Vernes, but from what I have seen so far I am more than impressed. Hands down is one of the coolest and most interactive websites I have seen from a indie clothing line. The site itself is nothing at all like what you would expect from your typical website/store and instead offers a very cool and impressive user experience.

Aside from the website itself, Guy Vernes also offers some great looking tees and more recently an awesome looking Backpack. The new bag in which Guy Vernes teamed up with artisan Flybird, to create a unique conceptual backpack. all inspired by a carton box.

The pack is large enough to hold your 17″, books, tablet and the SLR without losing its unique square shape. The Emissary Bag is entirely handmade and comes in a limited supply of ten. With a bag this cool and this limited you are definitely going to pay for it to the matter of € 219.95 or a whopping $315 USD.

If your like me and thats a bit to pricey for your blood make sure to check out their entire line of tees!

Check out all the goodness at:

  • That’s a rad backpack. A little too expensive for me, but I really like it! : D