Our Interview With Tim Lambesis Of Modern Rebellion Apparel

While most people know the name Tim Lambesis and associate it with metal powerhouse As I Lay Dying or even his amazing side project Austrian Death Machine, but little do most people know that Tim also runs Modern Rebellion Apparel. Honestly when I heard Tim had his own line I was a bit skeptical, was this just another rocker using his name to push a product and make a quick buck or someone who genuinely cared about building a brand. So when we had a chance to chat with Tim about his line I was more than excited to see what his brand stood for and what his plans for his brand is.


So could you start off by giving us a little background as to when and why Modern Rebellion Apparel started?

We launched Modern Rebellion around October of last year. I had a lunch conversation prior to that with my good friend and I where the idea came up to combine my passion for certain charities with his great taste as a designer. I always thought it made sense to launch a clothing line being that I often get approached by other clothing companies being in band. The thing I was waiting for a good reason. The cause we primarily support could be categorized under orphan care.

I have seen quite a few clothing lines from guys in bands, but a lot of the time it just seems like something they have tied their name too without much involvement. So what part do you plain in Modern Rebellion?

I want to make sure there’s a genuine connection both with style and the causes we support. One way I’m keeping that connection alive is by visiting the place we’re directing our efforts to support. In fact, I’m leaving for Ethiopia in a couple weeks and plan to bring home an update we can make a video out of. Design wise, I pretty much stay involved by just providing an honest opinion.

It really seems that Modern Rebellion is more about a movement than just a clothing line, care to expand on that?

It would be really hard for me to shamelessly promote a company that just helped put more money in pocket. I also know that clothing lines have to deal with unforeseen changes in trends. There has to be something more than cool design to give me confidence wearing a brand and I think there are other people out there who are like me. Of course I’m proud of the designs I wear, but there’s depth and movement to being able to have a conversation about what I decided to put on in the morning.

The tees themselves look absolutely fantastic! Which artists have you guys been teaming up with to create the line?

Until we do a signature series, respectfully, we would like to keep our sources confidential…..But we do have a handful of artists we work with regularly and will be working with a few new ones for the next line. What I can tell you is the art in the upcoming line is very focused, we will be using different fabrications, and include a hangtag that explains our purpose. Good things to come….

I was really surprised and impressed to see that your portion of the profits go to various orphanages that you have visited. What was the motivating factor to contribute your portion to charity?

To be completely honest, I make a comfortable living being a musician. I didn’t want another source of income as much as I wanted something I could be proud of.

Do you have any plans for expanding Modern Rebellion past just tees and sweatshirts? If so what can we expect?

I would love to do jackets and maybe even pants eventually once the word spreads further about the brand. Overall, I want to let things grow naturally and not overdue the accessories until we get more feedback on what is doing well.

Where can customers pick up Modern Rebellion Apparel and when can we expect some new tees to drop?

You can shop directly on our website www.modernrebellionapparel.com. Or you can use the store locator on the site to find a store near you that carries our brand. Currently, we are only in stores internationally but hoping to expand in the US with the new line. Our Spring line has been pushed back a bit but we are looking to release it by May this year. So I guess it’ll now be called our Summer line? ha.

Before we sign off I have to ask, are there any updates on new music from As I Lay Dying or Austrian Death Machine in the works?

As I Lay Dying has a 10th anniversary release in the works for later this year. I wish I could give more details on what the track listing will look like, but it’s still a secret at this point. Also, as odd as this sounds, I’m probably going to start writing some new Austrian Death Machine songs on the boring down time I’ll have during my long travels to Ethiopia in a couple weeks.

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