The Handsome Bandit Release New Video For “Worth Keeping?”

A couple months back I headed out to see one of my friends bands play and was both surprised and absolutely blown away by one of the other bands on the bill, The Handsome Bandit. Up to that point I hadn’t even heard of the band, but after their set I knew these guys had something special. The trio which contains only vocals, bass, keys and drums had put something together that I thought was both very fresh and creative. The closet thing I can compare them to would be Panic! At The Disco, minus the electronics of their first album.

I truly think these guys have a chance at blowing up and creating some very kick ass music. You can check out their recently released video for “Worth Keeping?” below or view their Myspace to check out two additional tracks, one of which I think is their strongest track titled “Absence of Color“.

  • Jon Hogan

    This band is Back! I Heard they are working on a new EP to release this Spring 2019!!