IAMTHETREND Advertiser Appreciation Day!

I have decided to make dedicate a day each month to the awesome companies that advertise with IATT and keep this bad boy afloat! Without them it would truly make running IAMTHETREND next to impossible!

So make sure to take a few minutes and check out all of the sponsors below, as I have some of the best sponsors around!

Declaration– Amazing indie clothing line based around the founding of the original colonies in the United States, the American Revolution and of course the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

Miles To Go– Another one of my favorite indie clothing lines. Owner Greg Kerr has single-handedly developed a clothing line around literary works of art. From Edgar Allen Poe poems, to Herman Melville’s classic Moby Dick.

Bandwagon Merch A great screen printer, with good quality and prices.

Z2 Jeans CO-If your in the market for cut and sew jeans make sure to check these guys out!

Seventh.Ink– These guys have grown leaps and bounds as a indie brand! Each line they release is better than the last.

Omunky– Never did I think a clothing line based around monkeys could actually be cool, but Rick and Omunky have made wearing monkey inspired tees something to be proud of.

5050 jam– This is a new brand for me that Im not that familiar with but if your looking for some solid street wear definitely give these guys a look.

Kontrolled Khaos-Another newer brand on my radar, but the few tees that they currently offer are solid.