How To Properly Remove American Apparel Tags

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Below is a quick tutorial on how to remove American Apparel Tags (results may vary depending on which brand you use). Most printing companies do a really good job in removing tags. Unfortunately some shirts get delivered with some seams missing or not attached at all, no worries it happens. A variety of printing companies remove the seams from the shirt entirely (the strings that hold the tag/s) while removing the tags and restitching a complete new seam, which is highly effective and great for larger runs. There’s many options. Choose what works for you best. All of these extra services will affect the turnaround time of your delivery.

If you plan on printing a small run or simply don’t want to pay the extra costs in getting them removed , here’s a way to do so. It will spare you some money and turnaround time. Please note that this will take a bit of practice and there’s probably different techniques of achieving this. This tutorial is based on the way we’ve been removing our tags as of recent for all of our new garments.

There’s a couple of things that you will need before getting started:
1) A pair of scissors
2) Tweezers (not necessary)
3) Patience

Begin by finding the edge of the tag by moving it to the side. The edge of the tag will vary. It can either be on the left side or the right. The more it shows the better.

Once you find it, go ahead and cut the tag very closely to the shirt. Be extra careful. You don’t want to cut the shirt or the seam. Make sure you leave the edge of the tag a bit longer, you will need it to rotate it. This function is very important. In order to be able to move the tag around you have to free up the tension between the shirt and tag that the stitch is providing. By cutting it, you pretty much leave the stitch hanging on to the shirt and not the tag.

This part takes a bit of practice. The edge of the tag should be rotated completely. You’re going to have play around with it a bit. If you can’t get it to rotate completely, more than half will do. The tricky part about this is that you cannot tear any of the thread while trying to rotate the tag. If you pull too hard or fast it will tear. Luckily, there’s enough room for the tag to be rotated, the stitching is fairly sturdy. Be patient, it will rotate.
(Sometimes you won’t even need to rotate it. Once you find the edge and you cut the rest of the tag, you can simpy pull the head of the tag completely out of the shirt.)

As you can see, the inside of the tag is now facing outwards.

Go ahead and cut the remainder of tag once you have it rotated.

You should be left with a bit of string. You can simply pull them out, nothing is really holding them intact anymore.

Some tweezers should help you remove the stubborn ones. And that is it.



Like stated before, this will take a bit of practice. It works fairly well. Don’t get discouraged if it’s taking a little longer than expected. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be a tag removing machine.
Hope you found this tutorial helpful.

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