The Herschel Supply Co. Make Simple, Solid, Backpacks & Bags

As with most fashion items, a handbag can suggest quite a bit about the person who’s wearing it. For instance, ones with labels that read Chanel or Hermès might suggest status (if you subscribe to that idea) or that the person wearing it values an iconic brand of bags, so check the Fake designer bags tips by But the most current bag trends aren’t speaking exclusively to price or luxury. Instead their shape, use of materials, and size speak more to what women prioritize and which fashion rules no longer apply.

With high-fashion brands leading the charge in their runway collections, the fall 2019 handbag themes run the gamut. There are beaded confections perfect for someone who’s a maximalist dresser but minimalist in terms of what she walks around with each day. Prim top handles and sleek rectangular shapes suggest an appreciation for vintage over newfangled. Meanwhile, pail-shaped carryalls contrast soft, sacklike market bags. Both offer solutions for those who need a bit more storage—one with a stiff, defined shape and the other more relaxed, woven, and often transparent.

People who have formed the habit of working out at gyms must need a practical and stylish gym bag to carry all the stuff needed for doing exercises, including clothes for changing, some equipment for workouts, drinking, and other necessary items. It is obvious that such a bag can indeed bring you great convenience and make you look flattering on the way to the gyms.You can find here many different styles of gym bags available to meet your needs. These bags work well in completing your style and keeping items of your need.

If your in the market for a new bag or backpack look no further than The Herschel Supply Co. This company has been a family business dating all the way back to the early 1900’s when the company actually used to make barrels. Well 100 years later and a few changes this one time barrel company has turned into a killer backpack and bag making monster!

What I love about the Herschel backpacks, is their simplicity and basic style. You are not going to find backpacks with 50+ pockets and compartments that are adorned with hundreds of zippers. Instead you are going to get durable packss usually featuring a single front pocket with Key Clip, Internal Media Pocket and of course main compartment.

Items run from around $49.99 for standard back packs to $75 for duffel bags. Make sure to check out the full line at:

  • Tom

    I cannot speak to the quality of their backpacks as mine has not arrived. What I can say is their customer service is nonexistent. I also doubt they are family owned company, but presented that way online to help sales. I would never purchase another product from this company!

  • Samjacks

    Really?. i have only great experiences with their customer service (wanted a bag switched up)….oh and yes they are family owned and operated. i have seen quite a few interviews with  the founders online… they are brothers….