Bayside – Killing Time CD Review

Bayside – Killing Time CD Review
By: Tyler Hoppel

Needing no introduction, Bayside has been through more than most bands have in the entire life span of their band. They solider on after losing their drummer/friend, John Holohan and the whole Victory Records ordeal. Bayside, now a member of Wind-Up Records, is ready to prove they can write more than just an “emo” record. Thanks to producer Gil Norton (Jimmy Eat World, Foo Fighters) he helps Killing Time, emerge as a legitimate hard rock album. Killing Time isn’t a “rock” album in the sense of mainstream rock, but instead a real rock album with fast riffs and catchy choruses.

Killing Time is the punk veterans 6th studio album (if you don’t include their splits with Name Taken and I Am The Avalanche) and their first since their split with Victory Records. The album opens with “Already Gone”, which sets the pace for the record with fast riffs and big choruses. Anthony Raneri is as much of a lyrical genius as he was when the band was formed in 2000.

The second single “Sick, Sick, Sick” solidifies that Bayside is back with vengeance. The up-tempo singles give the die hard Bayside fans a familiar dose old school, fast paced punk with a modern rock element that we have yet to see from the band. The record comes to a screeching halt when the record slows down with the melodic, experimental track 8, “On Love, On Life.” I’m almost positive that this song is about Raneri’s recent divorce “So I sit here writing words in our old place / They all come out as letters / And I contemplate mistakes that we all make.” The only negative I have about this song is, why is isn’t it the last song on the record? It seems to come from no where at track 8. It slows the momentum built up thus far and kills the energy of the record.

Don’t let this record scare you. It couldn’t have came to me at a more perfect time…spring is on the doorstep and Killing Time makes me want to roll down my windows and blast the radio. Sure, there are a few radio-friendly tracks like “Mona Lisa” but let me assure you, this is the Bayside album you’ve been waiting for. Killing Time is a high energy ride sure to please the die hard fans and new listeners alike.

Killing Time stand-out tracks – “Already Gone”, “Sick, Sick, Sick.”, “It’s Not A Bad Little War”

Killing Time track-listing

01. Already Gone
02. Sick, Sick, Sick
03. Mona Lisa
04. It’s Not a Bad Little War
05. Sinking and Swimming On Long Island
06. Seeing Sound
07. The Wrong Way
08. On Love, On Life
09. The New Flesh
10. Killing Time

Score: 3.5/5