Zeb Love Shows Us Photoshop Mastery

Let’s start with the bare bones, Name, Age and Origin.

Zeb Love, 22, Irish/American

When did you first realize you had a talent for art and what drew you to it?

When I was in high school a friend of mine built me a computer, and installed Photoshop 7 on it. When I wasn’t working at McDonalds or playing in a band I would tinker around with Photoshop. Some of the first things I created were hideous, but it was a lot of fun messing around. I sold my first t-shirt design to a band called Once Nothing. After that happened, I made it more of a full time hobby.

Did you get formal training or education in art and if so how do you think it changed or formed you as an artist?

I took a graphic design course in high school. The class was taught by a hack teacher who never had any real experience in the industry. I was going to go to college for graphic design, but I never wanted to end up like the teacher I had in high school. So, no I did not have any formal training.

From MTV to Hooligan Skateboards your portfolio is a who’s who of the top companies, people and bands in the industry. What have been some of your favorite projects to work on and how is it working for worldwide known companies?

Some of my favorite projects that I got to be a part of are: Guy And Madeline On A Park Bench – movie poster, Scorpions – show poster, Robert Plant & The Band Of Joy – show poster, and In The Wake Of Giants – cd layout. I always feel blessed to be able to work with more well known companies/bands. It’s cool to think that quite a few people are going to see your artwork, and that you can be part of their life in a small way.

You are an absolute master at photographic manipulation and of course using Photoshop. Could you talk a bit about your process for converting photos and some before and after shots?

Thank you! I kind of follow the same process for each photographic piece. It always starts out with some sort of photo shoot,. Then I go through the hundreds of pictures to find the right one to use. After that I cut out the main subject from the photograph so that it is isolated and easy to work with. Then I put all the elements together, so that it all works without any fancy textures/colors. After I get everything the way I want it, I add the textures and colors to give the image life.

What tips, tricks or advice would you offer aspiring graphic designers looking to improve their skills and make a name for themselves?

Do not take any shortcuts with your work. Try to think outside of what everyone else in the industry is doing. Work until you think you’ve finished something, and then come back to it a day later and see if the quality is where you want it to be. And the biggest thing is to never give up. I believe if you do something long enough, and you’re good at what you’re doing, you will make a name for yourself.

If someone wanted to hire you for a project are you available and where can they contact you?

I am available! They can contact me through my e-mail: [email protected] , or on AIM: brokencrwn

Thanks a ton for your time! The forum is open for any last minute announcements or shout outs!

I hope I could be of some help to whoever reads this. I’d like to thank the awesome dudes at I Am The Trend. You guys have something great here.

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    Hell yeah Zeb!

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    Dude is amazing no doubt.

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    I’ve been his buddy for about 3 years now working with him on stuff and seeing the progression has been incredible. -sneak peak alert- He’s a huge part of my new launch for in a few months and I couldn’t be any happier with the way things are going. Much love!

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    I love you Zeb!
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    yor really awsome…keep it up
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