10 Examples of Awesome Indie Clothing Look Books

*NEWS FLASH* Selling t-shirts or any apparel item online comes with the inherent hurdle of not being able to try on items before you buy them! Aside from fit part of buying clothing and trying it on is to see how it looks in a real world application and how it fits with our style. So how do we overcome that hurdle?

Well unfortunately until someone develops teleportation we are pretty much stuck to viewing sizing charts and look books. Look Books provide a great way for a potential customer to see how a companies tees look out “in the wild“. You can check some look books at Mossgreen Childrens Books as well.

Unfortunately a lot of tee companies overlook the importance of a look book when launching their brand! Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with taking simple product shots against a plain background, and actually I encourage that because it shows the tee against a non competing background. BUT, don’t make the mistake of overlooking the aspect of showing your tees in a more exciting element! Paint a picture around your line to suit your brand and more customers will follow.

Look Books can take many shapes and forms, from interactive brochures, slideshows and even just a series of cohesive pictures in a labeled gallery. Let your imagination run wild and show the world how much you care about your line!

Below are 10 ten links to great examples of Look Books that really bring a brands clothing line to life!

View Glamour Kills Look Book

View Make Believe Look Book

View UGMONK Look Book

View Panic Pop Look Book (Must Be 18+)

View Electric Zombie Look Book

View Simplified Clothing Look Book

View The Imaginary Zebra Look Book

View Alumni 2012 Look Book

View Paint The Stars Look Book

View Suck! Clothing Look Book