TattooCards Aren’t Your Grandma’s Greeting Cards!

Does anything say “Happy Holidays” like “This X-mas You Can Kiss My Ass?”, well the guys at Tattoo Cards tend to think so! TattooCards takes the greeting card and gives it a serious kick in the ass! Gone are the typical cheese ball messages, overdone sayings and just overall horridness of your typical Hallmark card. And in their place we have things that we all would rather say or see in a greeting card!

Right now on their site they have 17 different greeting cards to choose from for holidays such as Christmas, and Valentines Day and events such as Graduations, Birthdays to love and sympathy cards.

I must say all of these cards are down right hilarious! Take for example the following:

Valentine’s Day: “Friends Forever or Til’ You Fuck It Up”
Graduation: “About Fucking Time”
Christmas: “This X-Mas You Can Kiss My Ass”

Each card is 5″ x 7″ and is printed on 14pt UV Coated stock and of course includes an envelope. The cards themselves run $4.50 each, but if you buy two cards or more you get one free!

Being a person that hates picking out cards I must say I absolutely love this concept! With the Holidays fast approaching there are definitely a few people on my list that will be getting TattooCards. Make sure to head on over to: to check out these kick ass greeting cards!