Makes Face-Melting Stickers!

I have been on the search for some time now for a really good die-cut sticker maker, and now I can safely say that search has ended! Enter, these guys do it all from custom stickers, die cut stickers and even decals. I believe I actually stumbled across these guys on Twitter @stickermule when looking around for printers and Anthony (owner of Stickermule) hit me up. I took a look at his site and was impressed with what they had to offer, but let’s face it the proof is in the pudding.

After talking to Anthony for a bit, he helped find what I needed and I placed my order. About ten days later 1000 beautiful Pong Deck stickers arrived at my door! The stickers were neatly divided into 100 count stacks that were both rubber-banded and shrink wrapped.

Upon cracking open a fresh pack of stickers, I immediately could see they did a phenomenal job with the die cut. The edge perfectly mirrored the sticker design and really enhanced the look of the sticker. The stickers themselves were nicely thick and felt extremely quality!

As an added bonus, Anthony printed me off two iPad decals that came out incredible. The size of the decal fit perfect. Looks like they are using a 3M product for the decals, that stick well to the iPad but do not leave any major residue when removed.

All in all I really couldn’t have been happier with these guys. If your in the market for some stickers definitely check out their site!

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  • matt

    YES perfect.. thanks for this!!! i've been hunting for a good sticker maker tooooo
    however, i wish their die cuts could do something say… 2″ by 4″
    oh… and btw, i follow your blog everyday… even went you dont update it… i also make sure I didnt miss anything… lol…

  • Hey matt!
    Greatly appreciated bro! I really cant say enough about how impressed I was with the quality and turnaround on the stickers! Let me know how yours turnout!

  • Thanks a lot Matt! That means a lot! Definitely hit up [email protected] he will take care of you!

  • Yeah, I love their website and focus on only stickers.