Review: The Devil Wears Prada, Zombie EP

Hranica, DePoyster, and company are back with The Devil Wears Prada‘s first actual extended play release (despite multiple full-length albums), Zombie, due out August 24th from Ferret Music. And in true TDWP style, this EP does not disappoint.

The five tracks from the release feature some of the band’s most relentless and intimidating music they’ve ever released. But not only is this the fastest set of songs I’ve heard, but they’re also the most unique songs thus far, because they’re not typical to what you’d hear from the Ohio group. The Zombie EP is much more coarse, as it’s not so smooth-flowing as many of their previous songs tend to be, with a lot less clean vocals from Jeremy, and higher-pitched screaming from Mike — I mean real higher-pitched. You’ll also notice certain songs include added background clips, such as shotgun shells hitting the ground, news reports, chainsaws, and frightened people. After all, it is a Zombie theme.

Hell, they even have song titles relating to the song.

Overall, it’s heavier, it’s high-octane, and it’s beautiful. Perhaps it’s giving some insight as to what’s brewing from the group.

Rating: 4½ out 5 Stars

  • nice review,Ii especially liked the touches of the sound effects that have been added, can't wait until this drops

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