Birth Of A Jedi By Robert Burden (Time Lapse Video)

Artist extrodianare Robert Burden is back and this time with a 10ft tall Star Wars painting titled “Birth of a Hero”. For those of you not familiar with Robert’s work, the guy is pure genius. Most of his paintings center around some of my fondest memories; 80’s cartoons such as Transformers, TMNT and even the Silverhawks! (remember them?)

Robert’s latest piece took him over 1000 hours to complete and measures an enormous 10ft tall by 7ft wide! Best of all Robert took video of the entire process and released a timelapse video of the process, which can be seen below.

If your interested in seeing “Birth of a Hero” in person the painting will be on display at Nine Four One Geary Gallery opening this Saturday, July 17th in San Francisco. If you’re in the Bay area, check it out.

Also make sure to check out to see the rest of his incredible work!