Grove Bamboo iPhone 4 Case

I’ll be the first to admit that the iPhone 4 on its own is pure sex. The redesign of the new phone combining both front and back glass with an extremely sleek and modern design has made the iPhone 4 the best looking phone on the market.

It is truly hard to want to put a case on a phone that looks this good on its own, but with the recent issues with losing reception while holding the phone without a case and the fact that now both the front and back of the phone are glass, using a case is probably a very good idea.

Enter the Bamboo case from Grove. If you absolutely have to cover up your iPhone you might as well do it in style! The Bamboo cases from Grove are extremely cool looking and come in both standard bamboo or allow you to engrave your own design into the bamboo case for only $20 more.

The standard case runs $49 and the engraved case is $69. While these cases are definitely on the expensive side, these cases will make your new iPhone stick out even more. If your interested in picking up a case you can preorder yours now with a $20 deposit and the cases will start to become available in about 3-4 weeks at