Hexo Cups Take Beer Pong To The Next Level

After my 4th or 5th game of beer pong my beer pong racking skills definitely start to diminish! Thank god someone was smart enough to come up with a fool proof way of racking up your beer pong cups to be perfect each time.

Hexo Cups are extremely similar to your standard Solo red cups you see at most beer pong matches. They measure the same height and mouth opening but what makes them different is their hexogram bottom. The way the cups are designed is that when you rack your cups into a triangle the hexogram bottoms line up and basically form the perfect triangle everytime!

Two other benefits that are pointed out on the site is that these cups are impossible to knock over and also are coated on the bottom to increase traction assuring that your cup rack never moves or slides.

Pricing and release date for the cups is coming soon! Stay tuned!

Check them out and order at www.hexocups.com

  • up'ing my game and not spill my beer? I love the future

  • up'ing my game and not spill my beer? I love the future

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  • Are these cups legal in official and standard beer pong rules and regulations?!  Awesome idea though, less spill and more beer 😀