Introducing Thread Thirst!

Coming from the 17 year old mind of Elliot Hoepelman I bring to you Thread Thirst, a tee company that looks to nature for influence! I can’t begin to tell you how impressed I am when I see teenagers striking out and trying to start businesses and such a young age, so when Elliot hit me up about his new clothing line Thread Thirst I had to check it out!

Let me tell you what even know this brand is only three tees deep I am impressed! Everything about Thread Thirst’s first release is excellent starting with the website. The website itself is extremely clean, refreshing and most importantly easily navigated. With online carts such as Storenvy and BigCartel it would have been extremely easy for Thread Thirst to just throw up their new tees in a free site and call it a day and the fact that they have gone the extra mile starting at their website goes a long way.

Moving on from their website the tees look equally as impressive! The first three tees are designed by Adam Vaudin, Greg Abbott and Luke Drozd which have done execellent job portraying Elliot’s desire for a nature inspired clothing line into a reality. All tees are printed on Gildan Soft Style shirts which I have not had a hands on experience with so I cant really comment as to the fit and feel of the shirts, but with prices ranging from £8.50 ($12.65 USD) to £13.00($19.35) these are great pickup!

Make sure to check out and pick up some tees at:

We are truly excited to see what this very new and young company has in store for the future!