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Who are you and what do you do in Two Door Cinema Club?

My name is Sam and I play the guitar in Two Door Cinema Club

When did Two Door Cinema Club form and what inspired the name?

We formed when we were 17 but had been in bands before together since we were maybe 14 or 15.. The name was inspired by a misunderstanding of how to pronounce the word tudor. There is a little cinema near where we lived in Ireland called the Tudor Cinema so I suggested the name Tudor Cinema Club but said it as Two-Door Cinema Club…ooops…

I love the fact that your simply a three piece band as it stands right now and you use your Mac for your rhythm section; have you entertained the notion of actually having a drummer? Follow up to that question who writes all of the drum arrangements?

Yes we formed and played for 2 years without a drummer. In October though we started playing our live shows with a session drummer. Alex did most of the programming but it is a fairly open discussion on what actually happens.

What brought about your teaming up with Kitsuné and Glass Note Records stateside?

Kitsune introduced themselves almost a year ago, expressing interest in doing a single and having us play at a party in Paris. They put on our first show outside of the Uk. After that the relationship grew stronger and then they offered to do the album and we were very happy to have them work on it. Stateside, we heard that Glassnote might be interested in putting out the record which was very exciting for us having seen what they can do for bands in America (Phoenix, Temper Trap etc). Also like Kitsune they only work with bands they really love and because of that have quite a small roster compared to a lot of other labels. After meeting Daniel Glass and getting on so well on a personal level too, we were sure it was the right move.

If you would be so kind, describe your experience working with Elliott James?

It was an amazing experience. We had never really worked with producers before and were a bit nervous. Elliott is a very talented and humble producer who saw our vision for the record and brought it to life. His input was mostly in line with our tastes and again we got on well on a personal level which is so important to us.

How was the writing and recording experience for Tourist History? Where does the title comes from?

The songs are a collection of the best songs we have written since forming the band in 07. We did not want there to be a song on it that we were not totally happy with. I think that is what is great about a first album. The title is in line with where we are from and currently are. Bangor our hometown is an old tourist town for people living in other parts of Northern Ireland. All the songs were written there and that is where we met. Now we are taking these songs on tour. We play different cities every night and feel like tourists sometimes ourselves now.

What brought about the artwork for the album, who created it and what inspired it?

The artwork was by a company called Mega Force. They directed the video for I Can Talk. We were so happy with the video we got them to pitch an idea. When we saw the cat we instantly knew that was it. I don’t even like cats and neither does Kev but there was just something about the image. It is just a bit different I think, very striking and hopefully internationally appealing.

What influences your music the most?

I guess being in a band. Alot of the songs are about our progression and what we have been through. We get the opportunity because of what we do to absorb alot of music too. Supporting great bands, watching local support bands, getting promo copies of new records…!

I love the your music videos that you’ve posted thus far, they’re incredibly sincere, who comes up with these wonderful ideas and direction?

Thanks… We like to give most control of the ideas over to the directors. It is their specialty to be creative in that way and to give a lot of guidelines just restricts that I guess. We generally say what we think it should vaguely include for example performance and lots of energy.

What can your fans expect going forward into 2010?

Hopefully that we will come and play a show near to you. If we don’t then it is only because there is not enough days in a year. I suppose news of a second album would be great to expect too.

With your recent announcement of coming state side starting in Chicago, what are your expectations and how do you feel about supporting fellow glass note artist Phoenix?

We cannot wait. So excited about coming to the States. It has always been a dream to go to America, rent a van and drive up and down the country. Now we get to do that and play shows every night. We are massive Phoenix fans too so it will be great to play with them. Hopefully people who like their music could like ours also. I love that we have our own shows too. It will be amazing playing big production shows with Phoenix but we are almost more excited about playing the smaller bars by ourselves and just experiencing that.

Thank you so much and see you in Chicago on April 20th

See you then!

2 Door Cinema Club’s Press Release:
Northern Ireland’s TWO DOOR CINEMA CLUB is a music-mad trio whose debut album fizzes with invention and sparkling tunes. Rooted in rock and pop, with elements of electronica / electro, and Afro-beats, the sum is greater than any ‘indie electro pop’ parts.

Two Door Cinema Club’s story begins three years ago with three 15-year olds at school in a town just outside of Belfast, Northern Ireland. Vocalist/guitarist Alex Trimble and bassist Kevin Baird studied music together; guitarist Sam Halliday was a friend of Alex’s. The trio initially formed a rock band with a drummer, but after his departure, the remaining members realized“We were playing music that we weren’t enjoying,” says Kevin, “so we said ‘let’s write some songs, without any pretense of what they’ll sound like’. That’s why we find it so hard now if people ask us what genre we are.”

Experimenting included using a laptop to generate beats. “It was born of necessity at first because we didn’t know any other drummers,” saysAlex. “We weren’t sure it would work but we grew to love it.”

By this point, the boys’ tastes had gravitated toward alt/indie-rock, such as Bloc Party, Architecture In Helsinki, Death Cab For Cutie and Modest Mouse, whose collectively leaner, rhythmic and melodic approach spilled over into their own music. Gigs were quickly secured on the back of two songs posted to MySpace, followed by a deal with French label Kitsuné and immediate support from radio of their debut single, “Something Good Can Work.” Two Door Cinema Club inked a deal in North and South America with independent label Glassnote Records in November 2009

  • One of the best indie band. Love all their songs. Great interview as well. 😀

  • im usually not into this style of music, but they seriously rock!

  • One of the best indie band. Love all their songs. Great interview as well. 😀

  • im usually not into this style of music, but they seriously rock!