We Interview Gypsy Warrior Jewelry

Michel Bezoza is the creator of a very successful jewelry line called Gypsy Warrior. Having both a BFA in Visual Art and a BA in Art History, her keen eye to create trendy jewelry has not gone unnoticed, with hundreds of pieces that have been sold already!

I love how she uses simple styles and charms to create cute and affordable wearable art! A few of my favorite pieces would be anything with a key or an owl on it! Who doesn’t love owls?!? All of her pieces are super affordable ranging from about 6 dollars for a pair of earrings to 9-15 dollars for a necklace. I recently did an interview with Michel to get to know her and her silver hoop earrings and jewelry line a little bit better!

When did you start your business and how did it come about?

Gypsy Warrior started in the Fall of 2008. Ever since I can remember, I had little boxes and bins filled with beads/crafts and for hours I would sit in my room as a young girl and make treasures for everyone. As I got older, I would host little craft parties with my sisters, friends and family, teaching them about fun new things they could do with beads, charms, wire and string. I joke now how I am doing the same thing today (at 25) that I was doing at 10 years old, just with a more cultured influence.

Where did the name Gypsy Warrior come from?

I love traveling, collecting things wherever I go; thrift stores and vintage shops, sea glass at the beach, small knickknacks in random cities, that the idea of the a ‘Gypsy’ really surrounded the bases of a lot of my designs. Warrior has such a strong, independent, travel savvy connotation that the two words seem to embody my creations and the women that should wear it.

What got you interested in making jewelry?

I was always wearing Beautiful Diamond Earrings and silver hoop earrings finding different charms and putting it together for myself; it was natural for me to make jewelry because I just started making things I would love to wear.

What are your favorite materials to work with?

My materials are always evolving and growing because I am constantly learning new things. Right now, I am enjoying mixing different metals, silver with gold, brass with bronze. I love long necklaces and creating the flow of the right colored metals with fun charms and vintage lockets (love, love, love lockets!).

What inspires you to come up with new designs/pieces?

I’ve being making art and studying art forever. Living in the NYC area makes it really easy to be inspired by my environment; there is so much culture everywhere. Museums or galleries, music, other artists or adventures to near by cities and towns, thrift and vintage stores… I really am constantly inspired by everything; I think it will be a long time before I have any creative roadblocks.

I saw that you do a lot of business, how do you keep up with making new pieces and getting all of your orders out?

I am super fortunate that my creations have been so well accepted and that I have an amazing sister who is my right hand. She comes into my studio every day at 9 and she does the packaging and shipping. We send out about 100+ items a week, and have a great system together. The 30+ hours a week she puts in packaging the items, is the additional time I have to work on new designs, stock old designs, take
pictures, update my websites, etc.

How do you feel that your educational background has influenced or enhanced, if at all, the work that you do?

I value my education so much! I have a Bachelors in Painting and a Bachelors in Art History. I learned so much through both those majors. They both have been the basis of my inspiration.

Do you have any advice for someone wanting to open up his or her own online shop/store?

Start small. Don’t overwhelm yourself. I started with 5 items, then 10 items… and so on.

What do you love the most about your life/career right now?

Love the most? I love what I do. I love making and creating things. I feel so lucky that I can wake up each day and go into my studio and spend the day making fun treasures for people all over the world. I have such great customers that have been so supportive.

Lastly, what album/artist are you listening to the most lately?

I listen to tons of music, but recently my go to music: The World we Knew, Minus the Bear, and Gaslight Anthem