Review: Jamie’s Elsewhere “They Said A Storm Was Coming”

I’ll be the first to admit, I’m a little late to jump on the Jamie’s Elsewhere bandwagon. Jamie’s Elsewhere has been one of those bands that I have seen their name pop up for the last couple years and for some reason I just haven’t taken the time to give them a chance until now.

Their latest release through Victory Records titled “The Said A Storm Was Coming” has definitely caught me off guard. Within the first minute of “The Mapmaker” I immediately started scorning myself for not taking the time to listen to these guys earlier.

Their new vocalist Aaron Pauley immediately impressed the hell out of me. While most Screamo/Rock bands are lacking a polished and unique voice Pauley dominates and immediately separates Jamie’s Elsewhere from many of their peers. The band overall is just plain solid, with every member of this six piece monster pulling their weight. I’m extremely impressed with the use an implementation of the keyboards. A lot of bands that I come across that have keys either sound forced or just to overbearing, but JE has found a great balance with the keys that highlight and add to their songwriting instead of taking away.

Overall I really dug “The Said A Storm Was Coming”, while it isn’t anything groundbreaking it does enough that it sets itself from other records by similar sounding bands. If anything this record shows you just how far you can push music in extremes. One minute you will be getting your face pummeled in with unrelentless double bass, blood curdling and crushing guitars, then the next second you wont be able to help but sing along to the incredible harmonies and voice of Aaron Pauley.

If your into Saosin, A Skylit Drive, Devil Wears Prada definitely take a second to check these guys out.