A Home in Haiti

This site was just recently pointed out to me by my buddy Alonzo Dejesus and I really thought I should share this with all of our readers. The site is called AHomeInHaiti.org and basically what the site is aiming to do is raise money to help temporarily shelter Haitian people until homes and housing are rebuilt. As pointed out on the site Haiti is entering their rainy season in just over two weeks. Without proper shelter their situation will be easily turned even further for the worse.

To me this is an incredible way that you can make a direct impact on the Haiti situation. The site allows you to make either a donation to their fund to buy tents or you can simply buy a tent from Amazon through the AHomeInHaiti.org website. Most tent purchases are tax free and Amazon is offering free shipping. Their goal is to attain 200,000 tents and right now they are sitting at 202, they obviously have a long way to go. Any help that you can give would be greatly appreciated.

This yet another great way for us to help out people in need. View all the details and make your donations at: AHomeInHaiti.org

You can also become a Fan and help spread the word through Facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/aHomeInHaiti