Keaton Henson Set To Release Mini Album

For those of you not familiar with Keaton Henson’s work take a quick second to view our previous interview with the extremely talented artist.

When Keaton emailed me to check out his music project I must say I was more than surprised. First off I had absolutely no idea that Keaton had was involved with music and wrote songs secondly I was even more surprised at the quality of the songs.

Looking back I guess I shouldn’t have been that surprised that his music would be this good, I mean everything the guy has put out as an illustrator is pretty much pure gold, and I guess art and music can go hand in hand.

As far as the “Keaton Henson” sound I would have to sum it up in one word “chilled”. His tunes are extremely mellow and laid back. While this isnt something that I could listen to everyday, it is definitely something that I would turn on to relax the nerves and even try and do something creative.

Between and he has released 7 songs with four of them having accompanying videos. As with everything Keaton puts his hands on, the videos are extremely artistic and creative.

Keaton is planning on doing a mini album release in which he is going to draw each CD cover by hand! Definitely take a second to check out the videos below as well as to view his artwork and check out the tunes.

‘Sarah Minor’ from Keaton Henson on Vimeo.