Standout Stickers Wants to Give You 50 Free Stickers!

Coming right off of the Storenvy 500 free t-shirt deal we featured last week, we now have another can’t miss deal that we have come across. Standout Stickers is offering 50 FREE full color die cut stickers for everyone and anyone that can provide a link back to their site;

After you post a link to on your site simply send them an email to [email protected] with the subject: Stickers – IAMTHETREND.

Include in the email: Artwork, A link of to our link & your mailing address and then you’ll receive your free stickers in 7 – 10 business days. It’s that simple!!! Please visit our Affiliate Page to grab our text links or banner links.

I have actually gotten a chance to see these stickers in person and I must say they do an absolutely incredible job printing and die-cutting them. You really can’t go wrong with this offer! The are also constantly running sticker promotions so if your in need of stickers for your company, band or personal use definitely check these guys out!

Also take a second to check out some great videos on their sticker making process:

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  • BAM Got me some free stickers!

  • Got some stickers too, the quality was awesome and for free stickers what more can you want?

  • jerrytodbearup


  • Im really looking forward to when ours come in! Let us know how yours turned out!

  • StandOutStickers failed to email me back more than once. =/

  • no excuses for those guys, but I know they have been SUPER SWAMPED with FREE orders and paid orders… Sorry to hear they didnt respond, im still waiting on our stickers as well from those guys, but hey the are FREE

  • Dr_worm

    Has everyone gotten their stickers yet? Im still waiting.

  • Any knowledge on whether they plan on closing this beautiful deal at a certain time, or is it for as long as the feel like?

  • Holy_Smokie

    Nice. I just sent the e-mail. I hope i get!

  • angryspade

    Well, they did eventually reply. They also told me that my stickers were printed and shipped, but that was about a month ago and I still have not recieved anything. I have emailed twice since and have gotten no reply.

    So, I will order stickers from elsewhere now.

  • kaya wilburn


  • kaya wilburn