Review of Never Shout Never “What is Love?”

Stemming from the 18 year old brain of a boy who started uploading his music on MySpace, the lyrical bliss of Christofer Ingle Drew of Never Shout Never’s glistening voice has certainly evolved in his progression from a one-man act in to a full-fledged signed, touring, band. Along with the group, their all-around sound has evolved, especially with their latest full length release, “What Is Love?”

With getting ready to headline the 2010AP Tour and seeing so much main stream publicity lately, it’s hard to believe that the sextet has found time to record and produce a new, full-length, album; but it’s certainly about time that we finally see one, as they’re stepping up from 4 EPs and a few singles—the string of 3- to 6-song releases was starting to get a bit tedious, and kept us dying for something we could actually listen to for more than 15 minutes at a time. Alas, the day has finally come. What Is Love?came out January 25th from Loveway Records, the bands own record company (which also includes his other hardcore alias, eatmewhileimhot)—but don’t get too excited just yet, as the album probably isn’t as exactly as you expected it.

Maybe it’s the cliché lyricism of an angsting boy, or the addition of more members in his group, but Christofer just didn’t do it for me this time around. I found that as I progressed throughout the album, I noticed a trend in the music: Christofer has a noticeably higher-pitched voice, as opposed to his older singles, almost a nasaly whine which gets on my nerves a bit. But hey, maybe it’s just me. You can decide for yourself. Also, did anyone else catch the choir-esque Beach Boys chant in “I Love You 5″?

However, I can’t be too negative, because the group redeems themselves more than a few times and displays a more finished product near the end of the album. Perusing the lyrics of “Past Times” implies an almost nostalgic feeling, and the meaning behind a bonus track, “Fifteen”, has real depth and meaning behind it. Lastly, my track of choice is, in fact, the title track, “What Is Love?” The single is a well-rounded representation of the album solely, and has a southern feel to it throughout. I’d say that it was a good pick to release as the single.

The album as a whole didn’t impress me too much, and I’d definitely say that Christofer and the group have a lot more potential. But in general, it’s good listen.