Akumu Ink Release Their Best Line to Date

Akumu Ink in my opinion has just released their best line to date! The new line consists of 4 new original designs and 2 collab designs each of which come on several different colored shirts. Let me tell you these designs are knockouts! I have always been a big fan of Akumu Ink because they have a very recognizable style to their brand. They seamlessly couple big bold designs with simplicity and a dark toned variety that just screams look at how awesome I am!

For me this new line has really pushed the “Akumu look” beyond what I could have expected. These designs just feel a little more complete and thought out. I love the the more textured and detailed look to their designs this time around. Akumu Ink has really started to trade out the very clean and solid designs for a little more of a rough and realistic feel, which has done wonders for them. If this is any indication to where this brand is headed I am more than excited for their future.

The shirts themselves are priced at $21.99 for crew necks and $23.99 for V-necks printed on American Apparel. You really cant beat that price and I think it’s a great move on Akumu’s part to keep their prices low while they continue to build their brand.

Check out the entire Akumu Ink line at: www.akumuink.com