20 of the Craziest Bacon Products Around

So what’s our obsession with Bacon? Well quite simply bacon is pretty awesome, from it’s taste to its intoxicating smell bacon rocks pretty hard. With bacon’s cult like following their has been in influx over the past couple years of bacon inspired products. After covering bacon envelopes and the bacon wallet I decided to stop messing around compile the greatest list of non-edible bacon products available. So here it is folks 20 of the craziest bacon products available complete with how I would use these products!

1.Bacon Envelopes

Used for mailing bacon recipes to friends.

2. Bacon Flavor Dental Floss

For getting those pesky bacon bits out of your braces

3.Bacon Wallet

It’s where I store my money when I “bring home the bacon”

4.Mr. Bacon’s Big Adventure Board Game

How better else to spend your Saturday night than Mr. Bacon’s BIG Adventure?

5.Bacon Bandages

For grease splatter injuries

6.Bacon Shoes

Good bye smelly feet! Now my feet smell like sweet sweet bacon!

7.Bacon Skateboard

For shredding the half-pipe and performing bacon ollies


Great for serving bacon hors d’oeuvres

9. Bacon Tie

Nothing says “Power Tie” quite like a glistening slice of bacon

10.Bacon USB Drive

For storing bacon porn

11.Magnetic Bacon Strips

A friendly reminder on the outside of my fridge of exactly what’s inside

12.Bacon Belt

For sucking in my waist after eating bacon for the last 27 years straight

13.Bacon Lunch Box

For bringing bacon to work

14.Bacon Flavored Coke

Nothing is as freshing on 100 degree day than a icey cold can of Bacon Flavored Cola Goodness

15. Bacon Airfreshner

New Car Smell?  Thats so 2009, it’s time to reek of bacon everywhere I go!

16.Bacon Scarf

Relax PETA and save the red paint this is imitation bacon at its finest

17. Bacon Pillow

Well I havent figured out a way to eat bacon while I sleep, so this helps me have bacon related dreams and is reminder in the morning to have my next fill of bacon

18.Bacon Soap

Once I get my specially ordered bacon toothpaste mornings will finally be complete

19.Bacon Toilet Paper

Well all this bacon has to come out somewhere!

20. Bacon Watch

Great for reminding me when my next bacon induced coma is scheduled

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