Start a Monster Collection with Joshua Ben Longo

There can never be enough monsters in my life. And, what isn’t cool about furry fun little monsters molded into beautiful pieces of functional art that you can have hanging out all over your house? That’s why I’ve got to show you some of the monsters in Joshua Ben Longo’s closet.

The Monster Skin Chair

PETA can’t pour red paint on this, right? The Monster Skin Chair is the perfect seat for the big kid in all of us. The artist shows the careful process it took to create such a cool looking piece of furniture over at his website, Longoland. We think it’s a perfect gift for any new mom looking to add a memorable piece to her nursery, also you can install a cover from the chair cover com so it looks even better.

The Monster Skin Rug

This twisted and completely adorable rug is any trendy kid in making’s childhood fantasy. Who wouldn’t want to curl up to some great bedtime stories on this cuddly, toothy guy? Again, this is great for the nursery, playroom, or living room of a true monster fanatic.

Check out all of artist Joshua Ben Longo’s creations at <a href=””>