Amazing Customizable Iphone Cases from Some of Your Favorite Artists!

Case-Mate has just rolled out a new series of Iphone cases called “I Make My Case” that literally lets you make your own iphone case using existing artists artwork. If that sounds confusing let me break it down a bit for you. So Case-Mate has just teamed up with some incredible artists such as Ray Frenden, Thomas Hooper, Anthony Yankovic and around 7 more artists to roll out some pretty cool customizable iphone case designs.

So here is how it works. The site shows you examples of each artists style and work on an iphone case, this gives you a sense of what kind of style you are going to be able to achieve through customization. So once you pick your favorite artist, mine was Ray Frenden, you will start with a completely blank iphone case. You are then presented with a slew of different backgrounds to choose. Once you choose your background for you case the fun really starts.

You are then presented with a ton of different “elements” which are basically pieces created by that artist. From there you pick your favorite elements and start pasting them on your case. You can change both the size and rotation of your image which allows for limitless possibilities.

Last but not least if you are looking for even more customization you can use the “Tools” option which allows you to change colors, and add mirror and kaleidescope effects. If you go through all those options and are still not satisfied with your case you can choose from 3 different premade designs by your favorite artist.

The cases will set you back $34.99 which is basically in the ballpark of what you would pay for a high quality plain iphone case. The printing process actually embeds the ink into the case so that the design will not scratch or abrade with daily use.

Overall I must say I am extremely impressed with concept and the price point of the case. The only drawback I had was the ease of use of designing your case. It was a bit more difficult than what I had hoped for and at times became a bit frustrating. Once you place an “element” you really cant tweak it any further, which can definitely lead to aggravation. The guys over at Case-Mate should really take a page out of The Black Axe’s site. Those guys really nailed the customization and design process with that site.

To buy a case and/or mess around with the designs visit: