Free Music Awesome Sauce #2 Christmas Edition!

Well hello there everyone, with christmas fast approaching a time where we get to well wish our friends and family with our wallets I thought i would bring some free christmas music via the internetz for your listening pleasure, all of these are covers and most of you will be familiar with all the artists so with out further explanation simply enjoy.

First up on our list, Belle and Sebastian – O Come, O Come, Emmanuel
Belle and Sebastian come to us by way of Scotland and albums are some of my all time favorites having said that, this cover comes to us by way of “It’s a Cool, Cool Christmas” charity compilation album (2000), this comp also has the likes of the eels and flaming lips if you ever happen to come across it, you might just enjoy it.

Next lets kick move a little east and pick it up a notch with Austrian death machine’s cover of Jingle bells. Whats not to like about a band thats called Austrian death machine and solely references the governor of California. Formed As I Lay Dying vocalist Tim Lambesis to mock Aronalds films they actually bring the rock in a very thrashy manner. This cover can be found off their Christmas theme EP titled A Very Brutal Christmas.

Lastly i thought i would include an artist that never ceases to amaze me; Sufjan Stevens. His rendition of Joy to the world is like a glass of holiday egg nog, smooth. If you’ve never heard of Mr. Stevens check out his most heralded of work Illinois. This track comes to us by way of his Songs for Christmas.

From myself and the whole IATT staff have a great holiday season.