An interview with Zombie Head Jewelry

I’m not exactly sure how I first came across but what I can tell you is I was immediately impressed with what they had to offer. Long story short Zombie Head makes incredible detailed and grotesque monster and zombie inspired jewelry. From bracelets, earrings, pendants, pins and beads they really have something for anyone into horror. Each piece is one of a kind and is hand made to perfection. What I was most impressed with was the level of detail in each piece. The very colorful and extremely detailed pieces run from around $10 to $50 depending on the type of piece.

You can check out their store at: The only thing I wish they made that they dont at this point is ornaments! I could imagine some incredibly crazy looking elf and santa ornaments being a hit!

And now enough of my ramblings, on with the interview!

I always like to start off with the basics, please state your name, age, favorite power ranger, the usual!

My name is Krystal Osborne i am 25 years old (eeek!) and i have always hated the power rangers.

So when did you start Zombie Head and what was the inspiration behind it?

Istarted about 2006, and i was just putzin around with gift ideas, it was around x-mas and i was broke. so i started making jewelry that i would want to get as a present or that I would want to ware and then friends and friends of friends started wanting them and I enjoyed making them so much i started selling them. My online presence selling zombie heads started in 2007.

I was reading that each piece is individually made, which is incredible i must add, but how long does it take you to finish a piece?

I get asked this a lot and to tell you the truth i really don’t know. i try to make at least 8 heads to bake all at once. but sometimes i don’t start painting them right away. It depends on if I’m still in a mood to sculpt. so like i said its hard to really say but i know its collectively a few hours per piece.

Obviously most of your pieces deal with zombies, monsters, ghoulies, etc. So when did the fascination with horror start?

Oh man when i was very young. iv just always been interested in things like ghost stories and anything that scared me. my love of zombies came when i watched return of the living dead at age 5. i was all tough watching it but later that night i flipped out and i just knew zombies were going to burst into my bed room and eat me. after that i couldn’t get enough. my mom use to take me to the library to watch old Vincent price films on a projector and gave me old horror movies in my Easter basket. it just was non stop, and still is.

What are most of your pieces made of and can you give us a quick walk through on how your pieces come to life?

Well…. i gather up all my tools, sit down with about a ping pong ball size of clay (super sculpey) make my general shape, then go for the eyes, then nose if there is any, then build up teeth then the rest of the mouth and then just really play around with it until it looks the way i think it should. and trust me sometime i think oh man this one is going to be sooooo nasty. then when i go to paint it, it doesn’t paint well at all. sometimes if there is too much detail, the detail gets lost later with the paint.

Have any of your pieces made it into any horror mags or movies?

Yes actually. my little monsters have been in a few magazines, shriek freak, synergy (Australian) and the folks at girls and corpses contacted me and said they thought my stuff would go great in their mag and we got a great full page ad. as far as movies go i’ve done make up for a few indie horror films.

You must be a huge horror movie fan, what are some of your favorite flicks?

Wow … its really hard to pick ultimate favorites but i guess the ones that impacted me the most would have to be Tom Savini’s version of night of the living dead. i think the zombies in that film by far are the most frighting and realistic and return of the living dead. those have always had a hold on me. but the list could go on and on.

So what can we expect to see from Zombie Head in 2010?

Well i would eventually like to make rings. I have a friend of ours who is a great silver smith and i’d like him to set the heads as he would set a stone. also my artwork on T shirts would be awesome.

Any last minute shout outs or info you would like to touch on?

Well id like to say thanks for all of our awesome friends and customers that have helped get the word out. and thanks to my boyfriend who is really the brains of this operation, i always tell him if it wasn’t for him setting up the shop id still be making them but they wouldn’t be going anywhere. and thank you for giving me this interview.

Make sure to check out everything Zombie Head at: