This might possibly be the coolest paper toy to date!

Post By: Bo M.
Paper toys are a fun alternative to toys that you purchase in the store. The beauty of paper toys is that they’re basically free as long as you have access to a printer. I was big on printing and assembling them about two years ago and have since stopped, but I think that this toy has sparked my interest again! If you have seen the viral “Cool Cat” or “Play Him Off, Keyboard Cat” videos and have fallen in love with the musical feline, you might find this interactive toy to be a perfect addition to your desk space.

Created by Tubbypaws, this Keyboard Cat papercraft is fully functional. After assembling it, you can turn the crank and have its paws move up and down like it’s playing the keyboard! This paper toy has blown me away, and I will surely try to assemble it in the near future. Check out this tubbypaws blog post if you would like to download and assemble this toy yourself, and watch the video tutorial for step-by-step directions.