This isnt your grandmothers soap!

When you think of soap, what first comes to mind? Perhaps bubbles, a nice smell and a clean feeling, or even bunnies and lambs or little flowers like the decorative soaps that your grandmother keeps in her bathroom. Spellbound Soapworks is not the maker of your grandmother’s decorative soaps! (But they do take custom orders and can make the cutesy stuff if requested.) This company specializes in bath and body products that are not for the faint of heart! Tо bе оn thе safe ѕіdе, уоu саn choose home-made organic soap еіthеr bу buying оr making thеm оn уоur оwn.

A few items that caught my eye were some of the awesome pumpkin spice cleanser that they produce. You can get everything from horror staples like a mini Jason mask, or Leatherface, and even Michael Meyers. (And did you know that the original Michael Meyers mask was created from a William Shatner mask from a Star Trek costume? I think that adds to the creepiness factor…)

Also check out the gross anatomy soaps of the human eyeball and the human heart; you can’t go wrong on Halloween with body parts! You can also suffice your craving for movie monsters by picking up a Creature of the Black Lagoon, Hellboy or even Nosferatu soap! Saving the best for last though I will have to say that Spellbound Soapworks’ version of ”soap on a rope” is quite awesome. Instead of just your traditional rope with said soap attached, they have put a new twist on an old classic, adding a noose for the rope! It’s simple, but clever!

Not only are the soaps very reasonably priced, from about 4 dollars to 7 dollars a soap, most of them can be custom scented as well! They also carry a wide array of bath and body products that range from 2 dollars to 10, from lip balms and glosses to body lotions and scrubs!

Spellbound Soapworks is located out of Indianapolis Indiana and is run by owner Maura and her sister Chris. Every bar of soap that comes out of Spellbound Soapworks is handmade, starting from the hand sculpted molds to the pouring and scenting of the soap, and some are even hand painted! They also attend conventions to show off their spooky soaps so check them out sometime if you are in the area! Just last weekend they attended the Flashback Week-End Convention in Rosemont, IL and they will also be at the Horror Hound Week-End in Cincinnati, OH from November 20th-22nd!

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