The Wonderful World of Mr Gauky

Mr Gauky is one of the artists that can basically do it all. From illustration, to 3D modeling to graffiti the guy oozes talent. His clients include names such as MTV, Diesel, Iron Fist, Carhartt and the list goes on. He has also been featured in numerous magazines and publications such as Computer Arts, Dangerous Ink, and Wizards Hat to name a few.

Website: Mr. Gauky

So MrGauky, lets start with the top! Where did you get your MrGauky moniker?

Its nothing exciting really, my surname is Gaukroger and everyone except the mother unit has called me Gauky since I was a child.

When did you first realize you had a talent for art and what drew you to it?

I’ve always drawn and been visually motivated, although I spent most of my teen years skateboarding, not really knowing what I wanted to do. I still drew a lot and it was mostly character based stuff, I just didn’t have the direction I have now.

Did you get a formal education in Art, and if so where did you go and how do you feel it shaped you as an artist?

At first no… I was self taught, but when I was 21 my friends mother who was an art teacher suggested that I took the educational route and that was the turning point.

There always seems to be a bit of an argument that it is not necessary to go to school for art to be an accomplished artist. What is your take on this?

Going to art school doesn’t mean that you’ll leave as an accomplished artist, it all depends on whether or not that person has the drive and passion for what they do. I didn’t take the educational route to be taught to draw, it was the access to the facilities and being surrounded by other creatives that helped me focus on my art and gain a sense of direction. It helped me, but I guess it all depends on the individual.

You really seem to be an artist that uses a ton of different mediums. What is your favorite to work with and why?

Well there’s still plenty of other mediums that I’d love to learn, oil paints being one of them. I love hand rendered stuff and the majority of my work starts out as large biro drawings, which I don’t sell and keep in an originals box. Even though I love working digitally, I prefer anything that’s hand rendered whether that’s paintings, drawings, screen prints etc. There’s something so much more satisfying about a physical piece of art, than viewing it on a computer screen.

Looks like you have even done some 3D character modeling! Could you talk a little bit about that field and your experiences with it?

It was always something that I wanted to learn, but it seemed like a very daunting direction to take. After a friend suggested a program called ZBrush, I decided to watch some tutorials and took it from there. I’m still very much a novice and there’s lots to learn, but its a fun learning curve.

Are you an artist that needs to be in a particular mood when creating, or can you just design at any time?

It’s less about being in a particular mood and more about distancing myself from distractions. There’s nothing worse than a sunny day with a deadline looming, I’d much rather go skate my local park than sit indoors.

Do you have any prints or artwork for sale?

Yes… Although I haven’t got around to creating an online store, I’ve got a new website in the works which will have one and make buying my art more easy. I am always up for commissions, if people contact me.

What are your favorite type of projects to work on?

At the moment I’m mostly working on printed media such as t-shirt designs and skateboard graphics. I’d prefer to work on a few solo shows, but finding the time to juggle that with freelance work is hard at the moment.

Who are some artists that have inspired you over the years and whom do you look up to?

Growing up around skating, a lot of the board graphics inspired me and a lot of my friends are producing amazing art, which has kept me inspired throughout the years. There’s also artists that I don’t know like Oliver Jeffers, Shaun Tan and Dave Copper who continue to churn out inspirational art.

If someone wanted to hire you for a project, are you available and how can they get a hold of you?

I’m pretty much always available or will try my best to find time for new projects. Anyone can drop me an email at: [email protected] and we can take it from there.

  • interesting artwork! keep it up!


  • interesting artwork! keep it up!