Vinylux Making User Records even Cooler



Mastermind Jeff Davis created Vinylux over 5 years ago while he was attending the Rhode Island School of Design. The mission is, “Active participation in the green revolution.” Over the years, Vinylux has recycled and repurposed roughly 400,000 vinyl records. Everything is used including the cardboard sleeves, and whatever scraps are left are again recycled.


Mostly the records used come from dealers and collectors, but they will also use your own records to make bowls and coasters, which are some of the most popular items! They also create customized items as well for businesses and such as well!


Like I just said, the bowls and coasters are some of the most popular items, but they also make things like clocks, picture frames, bracelets, journals and even an LP snack tray! Prices range on the lower end for the ornaments and go up to twenty dollars for a coaster set, twenty-eight for the bowls or snack trays, and then fourty-eight
dollars for the sweet bracelet/wrist cuffs.

Check out Vinylux and all of their earth-friendly and amazing goods at:

  • There are many invaluable items that we as a society place value on and keep for many years. In the extreme case we call these people pack rats. But even those of us who are not considered to be pack rats, still have many things that have no monetary value, or have been replaced by something better, yet we still have difficulty parting with them.