Marialia Winner of our Best Upcoming Brand of 2009

So first off congrats on winning our 2009 Best Upcoming Brand Competition! How does it feel?

Thanks!! Its pretty awesome considering MARIALIA was up against a lot of very talented graphic artists and t-shirt designers. I bet people were like…where the hell did this cut and sew brand come from?

marialia indie clothing

Speaking of cut and sew when you saw that you basically were the only cut and sew line in the competition did you feel like that was going to help or hurt your chances of winning?

Everything about my brand either works for me or against me. I’m an alternative high fashion designer; my designs are not the typical looks you would see in this industry- and in many cases, it works in my favor because I’m brining something new to the table, but in some cases, it works against me for that very reason. I thought it was going to work against me because the entire competition focused on t-shirt brands- in fact, the entire website focuses mostly on t-shirt brands so I was pretty surprised I even got to the top 10!

So lets talk about MARIALIA! When did you start the line and what inspired you to get this going?

All I have ever wanted since I could remember was to design clothing. I would sew and sketch since forever ago and 5 years ago when I was 16 I finally decided, “You know, I’m going to do this for real.” I think this whole MARIALIA thing was just a result of me following my intuition- i believe we all have plans/purposes in our life; that everything happens for a reason- and being a fashion designer was mine. From the moment I started MARIALIA, I knew I wanted to do things differently and design outside of the box. There’s no easy way to really explain everything; I think it “just is”.

marialia indie clothing

On your website you describe yourself as alternative high fashion, what exactly does this entail?

High quality, creative, and couture fashion designs that are out of the ordinary- for the person that loves things that are different and appreciates the art behind fashion. The “alternative” image has made its own meaning these past few years with its underground scene/lifestyle finally beginning to make its mark in our society, and MARIALIA is proud to stick behind the aesthetics and art its put behind its brand since day one. MARIALIA as an alternative high fashion label doesn’t only reflect on the clothing I design, but the image I have myself as a designer.

When you are designing pieces are you looking for pieces that can be worn everyday or more just for special occasions?

I don’t really know how to answer that because I would probably wear my craziest and flashiest designs on an “everyday” purpose. But to generalize, I know MARIALIA is not contemporary so I imagine the public looking at my designs as things they would mostly wear only for certain occasions. I tone it down a little bit sometimes and mix my designs with stuff thats still wild and fun, but not as much as the rest of my pieces to gain a wider appeal.

marialia indie clothing

How many pieces do you usually make of each item?

As many as are ordered for the specific period I have them available for in my store.

What is the biggest challenge in running MARIALIA?

That I am a one man army and basically do everything from A to Z all by myself. I live off of sugar free redbulls, strong coffee, and under-eye concealer, hahaha.

Any new projects or lines that we should be on the look for?

I am currently working on my collection for SpringSummer2010 which is called “24 karat”. Every item in the collection is created with the same shiny gold fabric.

Do you have any plans of branching into mens clothing?

Eventually- most likely in the far future.

Congrats again on winning our first ever Best Upcoming Brand contest! Is there anything you want to add before we sign off?

Yay thanks! Just thank you to everyone that voted my brand & I look forward to everyone’s continued support for what I do! Shop my line at: Big hugs & kisses all around! xoxo