Enter the Plushkill Forest


You may find yourself asking, what is a Plushkill Forest? It sounds like something cute, cuddly and possibly deadly, but no worries, it isn’t really deadly. Imagine your grandfather or uncles’ hunting collection, you know, those lovely animal heads mounted proudly on the walls of their basement or den, kind of creepy, unless you are into that sort of thing.

Jess, the creator of the Plushkill Forest, has found a less violent and much cuter way to display such creatures on your walls! Everything from your classic buck, to ponies, bunnies and even unicorns have been beheaded, mounted and are ready to be put up for display! It may sound a bit strange, but I have to say that they are quite awesome and I love strange. Out of the line of plushies that are on the website, I really love the Plushkill Forest Moosetake plushie!

According to Jess, the idea for the Plushkill Forest plushies came from a desire to kill things without actually killing things; she could never do that! “Plushkill Forest allows me to be a fearsome and heartless hunter for pretendsies!”

Along with the Plushkill Forest line of plushies that are for sale on the website, you can also find an array of tote bags, magnets, tees, and accessories.

Jess currently lives in Savannah, GA, and is very interested in unicorns and other awesome mythical creatures.

She will be at the Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn, NY on June 5th and 6th to sell her crafty wares and to also unveil some new “fresh kills” in the Plushkill Forest line along with other new items such as “half assed critters” and some deer foot silverware sets! Jess will also be having a solo show in Savannah, GA in July at Black Orchid Tattoo and more info on that event can be found on her website.
I highly recommend checking out her awesome work if you are in the area for either of these events and pick up a Plushkill Forest plushie of your own!

Check out the rest of the products at: thecherrybox.com